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Mademoiselle X

Essay 1

I tweaked T's idea about the screenname essay a bit, melding it with part two of a similar essay. I am mostly concerned with wording:

Write a 350-500 word, three-paragraph essay that responds to the following:

1. First, think of your screenname, or one of your screennames. Then, explain how it it describes or identifies you—in other words, what the screenname says about you, and how it might make people perceive you. Note: if your only screenname is something you don’t want a teacher to hear, you may want to make up another for the purposes of this essay.)

2. Choose an interest or a hobby that also identifies you. How does this activity/hobby/interest identify you? How does it contribute to the way that the world at large perceives you?

3. Now that you have done these two things, draw some conclusions and description and identification using the examples in your previous two paragraphs.

The essay should be coherent—it should not read like three short-answer questions.
(Etc. etc with the directions for format and handing it in.)
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