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My Latest Incarnation of the Generation assignment

As a Generation Xer, I have taken more than my fair share of 80s quizzes, gotten jazzed about more than one hair band, and collected my fair share of sweet-smelling, fruit-inspired toys. Your next assignment will ask you to think about your own generation: How would you define your generation?

To get you started on this task, I would like you to identify a category that you will define your generation through. Will it be through music? Board games? Footwear? Baseball? Violence in schools? Denim? Be creative and as specific as possible.

Now, find one piece of evidence for every three years of your life (this should give you six pieces of evidence.) Please note, these pieces of evidence should be from at least 3 different types of media. For example, if you were to do toys, specifically video games, you could pick a video game, a scholarly article about video game play in a specific year, a movie that involves video games, a statistical report on the most popular video games of a certain year, and a video game magazine from a certain year.

Also, please find a recent article that defines your generation.

For Monday:
Please draft a thesis statement and write a paragraph describing or summarizing how each piece of evidence and the article about your generation supports or counters your thesis (7 paragraphs). Use quotations. Please provide a Works Cited.

I will respond to this writing and you will then write a 5-7 page paper defining your generation for the end of the semester. This assignment will be graded as a regular paper.
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I need to think long and hard about using this assignment in some form; the family history one has never quite worked for me.
it's a tough call--I am hoping that asking them to research one particular area of their generation will help them draw more interesting connections. I don't have the original that I can find it.
I have it.
oh, cool. i'd love to have a look at it to figure out the actual paper part of the assignment.