Roy (kalypso5775) wrote in write_an_essay,

English Composition/Rhetoric

This is a two part assignment. Choose a photograph, preferably from your own collection, and give it a title. Bring this photograph to class on Thurs., Jan 25.

Then in a three paragraph essay, address the following:

Describe your photograph and explain why your title is appropriate.

Examine the title your peer gave your photograph. How is the title appropriate? How is it not appropriate?

Finally, tell me about the relationship between titles and point of view (here you may consider both the point of view of the title giver as well as the audience). What should we keep in mind when we give a title to something or someone?

Students get a kick out of this essay. My favorite picture has been one of a student's grandmother playing cards, with a baseball cap twisted sideways on her head, and a forty in one of her hands.
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