Mademoiselle X (fantome14) wrote in write_an_essay,
Mademoiselle X

Introductory Essay

So, last semester I used the totem assignment (with which all two of your reading this are familiar). It went okay, but I believe I can find something better.

I know kalypso5775 likes the essay posted below. What else is good as a first one? What I liked about the totems: the personal, ice-breaker feel. What I didn't like: some were confused by the idea of a "totem," and they don't need to be more confused than they are already....
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For the first essay, I decided to go in a different direction, since I have never *personally* liked what I get from the screen name assignment (although I think it is a great assignment), which is what I have done in the past. I think the SN is better than the totem one, and it has the added advantage of giving you insight to students' likely SNs when you wonder if any of them are in communities dedicated to your university that you might or might not have joined way back. :)
Yeah, until I discover that they have screennames like "iMaSeXKiTtn86." I'm not exaggerating too much there, either :P

Seriously, I will keep that one in mind.
They don't tend to justify those so much--I get emails from those names though, and say "quoi?"
I like how I get apologies when they e-mail me from something othet than their university e-mail address when the system is down. As if I use it!
you know i do screen name. i'm also partial to my special object assignment. this one i am doing for diagnostic.

Think of an object that is special to you. Why is it logical that you should find this object important? Why is it illogical? What are the criteria for logic?

Oh good, I like that idea. Thanks!

How excited are you?